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Global warming- a Serious Earth Matter - Responsibility of Human to save nature

Date Added: March 23, 2010 05:19:27 PM
Author: Raghuraman
Category: Science Directory: Earth Sciences

“The glaciers are melting from the Himalayas; the ice in the Antarctica is melting.” How many times have we heard this in the recent past?? It is said that the level of carbon di oxide in the earth’s atmosphere is rising due to a lot of inhuman behavior like the blazing of fossil fuels. It has become a very common issue these days. The environment is the worst affected sector of global warming.  Global warming has actually let to a lot of climatic changes and rise and fall in the global temperatures. It is a threatening fact that the global warming will cause a lot of natural hazards most likely in the form of recurrent earthquakes and avalanches. The global warming weather forecasts are predicting that the rise in the mercury level will be very high by the year 2014. It is said that the biosphere acts as an important indicator in predicting the amount of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere. It is said the basic forms of life and the survival of living will get affected with the rise in global warming. It is said that the biomass production of the tropical forests have gone down compared to few years before. It is a well known fact that the earth is surrounded by two-thirds of water and one –third of the earth only forms the land. It is disastrous to even imagine an increase in the level of oceans and water level ratio of the earth. It is also said that warming inducted changes in the global water can bring in more rains and it is resulted due to the effect of global warming. The more usage of chlorofluorocarbon substances has caused in the bigger hole in the ozone layer and hence letting the earth expose to more of the sun’s harmful radiations. The greenhouse effect has also been a victim of global warming as the rise in the atmospheric gases has affected the rise in the global warming condition. An important fact about the global warming apart from the melting of polar ice is that it has had effects on the animal population too. A lot of animals seem to have got extinct due to the loss of natural environment or their lack of ability to adapt themselves to the climate changes. A lot of studies have been going on to learn the effects of global warming and students are the majority of the groups to have been more concerned about the issue. The government organizations are taking a lot of measures to control the effects of inhuman activities like the rule that came up in many countries for the ban to use plastic bags and to use recycled materials. Putting fossil fuels to great use has been one of the major effects of global warming which has led to other environmental issues like air pollution and soil pollution. Hence the usage of fossil fuels has to be brought down to a great extent whereas other source of energy resources has to be put to good use. The best solution to prevent the earth from degrading is to stop acting against nature and start off with the green revolution. Let us protect mother earth, let us fight against global warming!

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