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Martial art - A new dimensions to the martial art tradition - Jeet Kune Do, Kung Fu, jiu jitsu Trick

Date Added: March 21, 2010 05:18:57 PM
Author: Raghuraman
Category: Sports Directory: Martial Arts

Martial arts are known as the servant of brave people and slave of cowards! It is a combat mechanism used to physically defend people from mishappenings. These days the art is considered as recreational sport and helps in stress relief and provides peace to mind and soul. The World’s Martial Arts information center is open to all people from different backgrounds namely actors, teachers, and even film makers! The information center helps in studying the art and getting training from it. Martial art events are the information hubs which provide news about the upcoming tournament, seminar, tradeshow etc. The United Kingdom traditionally follow the art of martial art and they specifically have martial art clubs which serves as on online directory of the ongoing martial arts classes and renders information for students who are willing to take up the art. The Academy of Martial Arts was initially started in the year 1964 and it provides coaching and training for the government militants and border security forces all over the world. It is very easy to learn the basics of the art with the help of tutorials. The most ancient form of martial arts includes the Chinese and the most famous of it is the kung fu which is traditionally called wushu. It consists of number of combating styles which have developed over the centuries. The most famous character who is closely related to the art is Bruce Lee. “Jeet Kune Do” otherwise known as way of the intercepting fist was founded by him. The Koreans are also lovers of this art and tang soo do is their self defensive art created by Hwang Kee. Eskrima has a Filipino origin and it is usually fought with knife or stick. The United Kingdom provides special space to martial arts in the society and the foundation that belongs to their region is called the martial arts jiu jitsu and this art also teaches weapon techniques. Self defense training is a must for all the genres of people as it is always safe to be protected and to protect ourselves from physical assault. Knowing the importance of the art, the UK, Australia and US schools have made martial arts training a must as they prepare their students to remain cautious and self defensive at all times. Martial art training equipment mostly includes sparring gear, training shields and curved body shield. There are plenty of books and magazines available on martial arts and the most famous ones include Secrets of the Samurai, Okinawa etc which teaches various forms of the art. There is a museum called Martial Arts History museum which rampages the origin of self defense and the various styles adopted by different regions. The Kung Fu and Tai Chi organizations promote the art to various levels and also the traditional forms of the arts are taught for the following generations to come. Kickboxing and grappling provides new dimensions to the martial art tradition. No wonder they say self help is the best help!

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