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Date Added: March 12, 2010 03:08:00 PM

One gets to see them everywhere. They are found outside the railway station, near bus stops, near hospitals, outside school and college premises, near cinema halls. The middle class South Indians make the best use of them.  It’s the most comfortable mode of transport in and across the country. I am sure most of the readers would’ve guessed what I am talking about. Yes, the Auto or the auto rickshaw. When talking about automobile, these are the first that strikes most of us. It is the most common mode of transport for private travel. Autos are also famous in the neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Thailand and even in some regions of Egypt! In Bangladesh, they are called the baby taxi whereas in Thailand it is called the Tuk-Tuk and in Indonesia they are called the  
Bemo. Auto rickshaws are generally defined as light headed vehicle which runs using a motor cycle engine. Auto rickshaws had its origin in Japan and only in the year 1880, it stepped into Asia. Autos have various designs in various places. Share autos have made good market for the last 10 years which served people travelling for shorter distances.  The only disadvantage of share autos is that the auto drivers tend to cramp in too many people in order to earn extra money. The older auto rickshaws were designed and modeled in such a way that they consume a lot of petrol and they produce loud noise and does add on to the pollution. The government had imposed a hard and fast rule on the auto drivers of installing a taximeter which is set at a default minimal charge of Rs. 10 at the commencement of a ride and the meter runs based on the distance covered. Those who are in the plans of buying autos please pay attention! Most of the nationalized banks in India offer loans to people who are on self employment. The major auto rickshaw manufacturers and dealers in India includes Bajaj Auto, TVS motors etc. Auto rickshaws are certainly the easiest and the most preferred mode of transport as it does not consume petrol and diesel like cars and other four wheelers. Autos are compact when compared to cars and limousine. Auto rickshaws are definitely better than the usage of cars as cars pollutes the environment by releasing toxic gases like carbon-di-oxide which adds to the global warming and the biggest disadvantage is the cost. LPG auto rickshaws have set a new platform for the vehicle though it is still at its infancy. It is predicted to suit the roads and traffic of all the countries and it is also cost effective. The LPG auto rickshaw costs around 1.25 lakhs which is comparatively lesser than the normal auto rickshaws that run on petrol and diesel. It is also said that the maintenance charges of the LPG auto rickshaw is deducted to 60%! It is also said that substitution of two stroke vehicles with four stroke ones limits the hydrocarbon emissions. Now that’s interesting isn’t it? It’s so amazing to even dream about auto rickshaws running smoothly on the roads with less smoke emission!

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