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Date Added: March 10, 2010 07:56:24 AM
Author: Raghuraman
Category: News Directory,

One might question, what is truly news? In todays continuously linked, media based world, this is a billion dollar issue. News has two top priorities: it must convey or mean something to the people, and it must always be something related to a current affair. News of any form can be worthy to readers or listeners. News from Hollywood and news about the current situation in Afghanistan can both be newsworthy, for different causes. The fundamental foundation that attracts any reporter to news is abrasion. The story of any current event, at any moment could be of more importance to one or more competing groups. Reporters of a very few news groups or media aim at creating more interest in order to make money instead of focussing on quality of the news being published. Eventually, they want readers, listeners or viewers to take a seat and pay attention to their story. Any information that the reporters think their audience will find attractive are published by sticking to the very basics of journals publications. Making use of bits and craps, the reporter has to frame a story keeping in mind that it should be attractive to read. A popular formula for the purpose has been employed for over many decades by now, it is the five W’s and a H. Having been taught this formula form our childhood, it has been employed at its peak nowhere but at the media. Who, What, Where, When, Why and How are the six most powerful words in the world of media. The few words, over many years have never diminished in power. They still have the same importance as they had when we were first taught to frame a story. Turning any story into one that’s newsworthy is the bottom line of all media communicators. Pushing hard to make any news appealing is what increases your chances of seeing them at the crack of dawn. Likeliness of news getting aired or a story getting published wholly depends on the kind of news or story that’s under the hammer. The objective of any news is to inform the audience about something, various issues going on in their community, local news, national or global news; it could be anything. The news media are considered to provide a valuable public service. At least by bearing this in mind, the people from media should work with utmost dedication towards their job. But the true fact is that they look at it as a business, money is what keep them driving. With technological advancements at the peak, information related to news can be got from a number of different sources. For these reason, the media have increased competition by which they could make more dollars. To attract audience, both publicly owned media and privately owned media have struggled to provide with quality content. With an increase in competition by huge folds, the media news has to unquestionably increase their standards. Doing so, at extreme cases “news” can turn out to be another type on marvellous entertainment.    

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