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Date Added: March 09, 2010 03:34:41 AM
Author: Raghuraman
Category: Sports Directory: Golf

An acronym by itself, Golf is believed to have been derived from the baseless "Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden". Sticking with just an internet circulated talk, it’s claimed as false.  Golf is an old word that primarily appeared in our written language in 1425. Originally derived from the ancient Dutch word kolf which is a common expression used for stick, club or hammer. In spite of many theories evolving around the origin on the name Golf, the game has attained utmost recognition over the last few decades. When it comes to Golf, the first thing that has to strike anyone’s brain is FootJoy. A popular brand of golf shoes, outerwear, gloves, socks and other accessories, FootJoy has been around since 1857. Products from FootJoy would exceed your expectations in all climates and playing circumstances through sophisticated technological improvement, performance, and ultimate comfort. Another brand at market that’s in competition with FootJoy is Taylormade, both these brands have managed to manufacture high-quality Golf products. Golf is a game that’s intended to be played when you are mad at somebody. Playing Golf will make you mad at yourself and forget all about the misbehaviours of others. People in Golf for over many years have managed to keep their frustration and fury pout of the Golf course, which is a key point to their success in Golf as a profession. Every player has his/her bad day, there might a few miss, bad shots or get a bad break but the key to turn all of these frustrations into a success is from the skill to learn on how to manage your emotions on the Golf course. Moving on to the location at which the game is played, PGS West at United States is home to one of the leading championship golf club on the planet. Magnificently paced between mountain ranges in La Quinta, California, it is the finest golf destination. Located just outside Palm Springs, it has six astonishing legendry golf courses; no wonder why people from all parts of the world come to the place. Not all of us can participate in Golf right from the word go, mastering in golf swing is an art in itself; there are a few important procedures to be followed in order to perfect the art. The way a golf club is held greatly determines the effectiveness of the swing, a good grip of the golf club could enhance the value of the swing. A free complete swing of the golf club is very vital, loose gripping of the golf club will result in a bad swing. Attempt a number of free trial shots to find out which grip will suit you best. Hand eye coordination is another important aspect of the game; always swing the golf club in a stable and relaxed manner. An appropriate posture could give you a firmer hit and moreover a proper follow through of your action after hitting the ball is essential. With all of these lessons properly learnt, you are sure to master yourself at the art, Golf.

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